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How To Lost Weight (Caiyokk Zetty )

Do And Dont !!!! Do it Starting Now !!!

Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Weight Loss

Below are simple tips that have worked well for many of my clients. Before we get into the practical stuff, I would like to make a couple of suggestions. I know that while weight loss is simple, for many it is not necessarily easy.

Forget about losing weight, think about getting healthy.

Needless to say excess weight is dangerous for your health. So many illnesses are associated with excess weight: From poor energy and achy joints, through heart disease & diabetes to cancer and premature death. Therefore, instead of going on another diet, decide that you are worthy of being healthy and of living a long and healthy life. This will help you change the way think about food and physical activity.
It is not all or none
As you start eating healthy and doing the right things for yourself, you will feel better. When you slip into old habits you will notice the difference in how you feel – your energy levels may decline, an old painful joint may come back. It is natural to slip, when you acquire a new habit. When that happens, avoid feeling guilty and discouraged. Remember, nothing meaningful is achieved overnight. A baby falls many times before she learns to walk. A doctor needs to train for years before she can perform surgery. Build up on your past successes, pick yourself up one more time and move forward.
Educate yourself
Spend a few minutes every day to learn about health. There are lots of good web sites and books that you can consult. The more you know about health, the more you understand how various foods, substances and habits influence your health, the more you’d be inclined to do what is right for yourself. For examples, when you understand what sugar does to your energy levels, your arteries, your joints and immune system, it will be easier to decide to stay away from it.
Keep it simple
Don’t try to make lots of changes all at ones. Do one or two things differently in a consistent fashion for a period of time, until you are ready for the next step. The suggestions that follow are simple and you don’t even have to follow through with all of them all at ones, and will still start getting results. So here they are…

A Simple Plan

Eat protein and no grains for breakfast
A healthy breakfast can influence your eating habits for the rest of the day. A protein rich breakfast, as opposed to a carb / grain rich breakfast will limit insulin production. This is great, because too much insulin blocks the break-down of fat. As well, a carb – rich breakfast increases your cravings for more carbs throughout the day.
Some simple breakfast ideas include eggs (feel free to have two to three a day, and no, according to most studies they don’t raise your cholesterol), cottage cheese with mixed in cut veggies or berries, or a delicious and healthy whey protein smoothie, (add 1/2 a cup, or ½ – 1 serving of fruit and 1-2oz coconut milk). I look for whey protein formulations than have lots of protein, little sugar, added multi-vitamin and specific amino acids that help to metabolize fat. A couple of suitable choices from your health store are Nature Pro or Vega for vegetarians. You can have this as snack or a meal any time throughout the day.
Lots of water and herbal teas:
The scientific name that describes the process of fat break down is “hydrolysis”. In plain English this means break-down with water. With no water, fat can’t break down. When you strive to get rid of excess weight, drink at least six to eight cups of water or herbal teas. If you want water alone to speed up the fat break down process, drink 3 litres or more a day (12 cups).
Some worry about going to the washroom more often, which will occur initially, but will go back to normal within a few days.
If your stomach gets distended (feels uncomfortably full) from drinking plain water, it is usually a sign you are low in basic vital minerals. This can be corrected easily by supplementing with a mineral-rich drink from a health store (see my recommendation below).
Eat healthy food every 3–4 hours
When you skip meals, you tend to overeat later on during the day and your body gets into fat conservation mode. When you eat a healthy snack or a small meal every 3 to 4 hours, your body doesn’t need to conserve fat because it knows (on a physiological level) that more nourishment is coming. Refined carbs and sugar, trans fats and many food additives bring about fat production and fat storage. Therefore the best foods for your healthy weight goal include: vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds (preferably raw or sprouted), healthy non-processed protein and whole grains. This may require some pre-planning. When you eat protein for breakfast and eat healthy food every 3–4 hours, your cravings for sweets and unhealthy foods subside.
The next two suggestions will speed up your healthy weight loss process quite dramatically.
Gastro-intestinal cleansing speeds things up
This can help move you along faster and optimize fat metabolism. You will get rid of five or more pounds of undigested, rotting food particles that have accumulated throughout the length of your intestines over the years. This rotting food can irritate the intestines, block absorption of vitamins and minerals form your food, and bring about inflammation and contribute to illness. Cleansing the intestines increases absorption of these vital nutrients, and therefore, increase metabolism. You can do this for months at time.
The herbal cleansing product I work with the most is called Dr. Miller’s Wholy Tea and is available through health stores. If you’d like to receive a free four day sample of this gentle, yet effective cleansing tea please email me your address at Other fiber based products or herbal capsule products can be used if tea isn’t for you.
Supplement with the right nutrients to optimize metabolism
Optimal supplement selection is based on an individualized assessment. However, one great choice for almost anyone is kelp juice (Ocean Wonder). It has over 70 different micro nutrients. It is high in iodine, which helps optimize the levels of your thyroid hormone, your most important metabolic hormone. The fluoride and chlorine in municipal drinking water deplete the body of important iodine. Many other vitamins and minerals play a role in fat metabolism. Juiced kelp is a potent and highly absorb-able delivery system for all these nutrients. Its richness in trace minerals is of particular importance because most present-day foods, including vegetables, lack adequate levels of trace minerals, which are so important for activation of many enzymes in the body. Simply put, this can shift your metabolism to third and fourth gears.
A colleague, who recently followed the last two steps only, had her waistline size decrease by three ‘belt holes’ over six weeks.
The value of professional guidance
There are various factors that cause weight gain: over-eating, eating the wrong foods, eating infrequently, nutrient deficiencies, food allergies, hormonal imbalances, taking medications, lack of physical activity, uncontrolled cravings, emotional eating, etc. All of these can be tested and addressed accordingly. 


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